Portsmouth Royal Dockyard Apprentices

Navy Supplementary Estimate - Hansard Report February 1951

Source: http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/commons/1951/feb/06/navy-supplementary-estimate-1950-51#S5CV0483P0-05852

Brigadier Clarke Does the hon. Member appreciate that there is still unemployment in Portsmouth? I have the names of many men who would like employment there, but have not been accepted.

Mr. Callaghan I question that; I have a longer connection with Portsmouth than has the hon. and gallant Member.

Brigadier Clarke That I doubt, as I was born there and have been there for many years.

Mr. Callaghan In that case, it is a draw because I was born there also.

Brigadier Clarke I was there first.

Mr. Callaghan And I remember reading the figures of unemployment before the war, as I expect the hon. and gallant Member also remembers. This is the case; it is no use burking the issue. In the days when I was at the Portsmouth Secondary School the height of one's ambition was to go into Portsmouth Dockyard because there was nowhere else to go, except into the Civil Service, as I did.