Portsmouth Royal Dockyard Apprentices

Colleges and Schools - Hansard Report November 1952

Source: http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/written_answers/1952/nov/19/colleges-and-schools#S5CV0507P0-07777

Sir J. Crowder asked the First Lord of the Admiralty the number of children at the dockyard and children's school of his Department at which a staff of 231 is employed.

Mr. J. P. L. Thomas There are 7 dockyard technical colleges and 5 Royal naval children's schools at home and abroad.

Six thousand two hundred and eighty-seven students, comprising 3,805 dockyard apprentices and technical students, and 2,482 children, are being taught at these colleges and schools.

At present these establishments employ a total staff of 210, including 155 teachers. Some additional teaching staff is required, but total numbers employed will not exceed the estimated number of 231 for 1952-53.