Portsmouth Royal Dockyard Shipwright Apprentices

1951 Entry Reunion Dinner 2009

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Greetings From Nobby & Eileen Harrison

We raise our glasses and toast you all present and past.

How I wish I could have joined you on a really memorable day. Did we ever imagine when we started our apprenticeship in 1951 a gathering like this would have happened 58 years later. I must say, I have always appreciated a sound apprenticeship and although career changes through life, my tools have always been a great benefit to me.

We have been in South Africa now 40 years come September and have made a couple of trips back, but due to health reasons not in the past 4 or 5 years. Eileen and I have been married 53 years come July, and our 4 children all settled in life and careers. One daughter lives on the Isle of Man, the other three still in South Africa - and within visiting distance, also the three grandchildren. The eldest one just celebrated his 21st birthday; that's when we realise we are getting older!!

Our very best wishes to you all and your families, and we raise our glasses to peace and good health in the coming years.

Kindest regards & very best wishes to you all.