Portsmouth Royal Dockyard

Upper School Badges & Motto

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College Tie College Lapel badge

College Blazer Badge

School Motto - Lines from poem by Richard Monckton Milnes (1809-1885)

If what shone afar so grand
Turn to nothing in the hand
On again! The virtue lies
In the struggle, not the prize.

The 4th Year Upper School students wore a small circular lapel badge of concentric red, white and blue rings with a Roman IV in the centre. They also wore a distinctive tie that was later adopted by the Portsmouth Royal Dockyard Historical Trust Support Group; go to Links on the Home page.

In 1952, the title of the Royal Dockyard School was changed to the Royal Dockyard Technical College and John Goss became the first Principal. This decision ended the history of the Royal Dockyard School that had existed for over a 100 years. However, as the 1951 entry apprentices started in the Royal Dockyard School they were permitted to retain that distinction until the 4th Year with their 1954-55 blazer badges.