A village history in West Sussex


Westbourne History Group

Bygone Series

No1. Trades People 1845-1938

No2.Village Schools 1819-1984

No4.Westbourne Then & Now

No5.Westbourne Union Life

No6.Westbourne Church Guide

No10.Westbourne’s War 1939-1945

No16.The Great War

Numbers 1 to 5 inclusive out of print

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The Westbourne Story

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Welcome to Westbourne, the pride of West Sussex. Nestling beneath the South Downs, this beautiful village has an intriguing and eventful history dating back some 1,000 years to the Norman Conquest.  This story stems from the villagers who have lived here.

Drawing on a fascinating cross-section of past and present reminiscence from local residents , the authors combine factual narrative with anecdote to convey the intriguing story of Westbourne.  And what a story they tell; of heroes and eccentrics; of miscreants and murders; of admirals and ministers: of pubs and politicians. Here are stories of bell ringing , of watercress beds, of local clubs and events, a genuine pot-pourri  of Westbourne life.

This colourful look at the village uses a plethora of new and old photographs, paintings and drawings. The Westbourne Story vividly depicts every aspect of village life and the community, from the many beautiful listed houses and the characters who lived in them through to the churches, mills, schools, pubs and clubs.

All revenue from book sales will be used to further Westbourne life. Enjoy the story.

Published 2005    ISBN 0 85937 404 1