Articles of a Shipwright Apprentice

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And the Apprentice and the party of the second part do severally hereby covenant with the Master that he the said Apprentice shall and will during the said term faithfully and industriously serve the Master, and also such persons as he the said Apprentice may be placed under by the Master, and obey all their respective lawful commands, orders, and directions, and will observe all rules and regulations which are or shall be from time to time made by the said Conimissioners in respect of Apprentices, and generally will diligently conduct himself, and use his best abilities and endeavours towards his improvement and perfection in the said art or occupation of Shipwrlght , and for the good and benefit of His said Majesty, His Heirs and Successors therein. And also that he the said Apprentice shall not and will not at any time during the said term do, or willingly suffer to be done, any act or thing whatsoever whereby the goods and effects of His said Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, can, shall, or may in anywise be embezzled, injured, or damaged, or His officers or service defrauded, or otherwise prejudiced in any manner howsoever, nor shall, nor will, at any time absent himself from the service or work without the leave of the Master or any Officers under whose authority he may be placed; nor contract marriage during the period of this Indenture; nor be guilty by word or action of any immoral, indecent, irregular, or improper conduct or behaviour in any respect whatsoever, but shall and will demean himself at all times with strict propriety and submission to his superiors.

And the party of the second part doth hereby covenant with the Master that he, the said party of the second part can and will from time to time during the said term find and provide for the Apprentice good and sufficient board, lodging, clothing, and washing, and all other necessaries proper for his personal accommodation and benefit suitable to his said intended situation. And also provide such implements, working tools, and instruments as the customs of the trade require to enable him to learn and practice the said art or occupation of Shipwright

And in consideration of all and singular the premises the Master doth hereby (for and on behalf of His said Majesty, His Heirs and Successors) covenant with the Apprentice and the party of the second part, and each of them, that he the said Apprentice duly observing, performing, and keeping all the covenants and agreements on his part herein-before contained shall be properly taught and fully instructed in the said art or occupation of shipwright. And shall during such time as he shall continue at his work be entitled to and receive all the wages, emoluments, and advantages which the said Commissioners shall from time to time think proper to allow to Apprentices of his description.

And lastly, it is hereby especially stipulated and agreed by and between the said parties hereto, that in case the said Apprentice shall for the space of one week during the said term (unless disabled from work by sickness), absent himself from his service and employment under this Indenture, without the license and consent of the Master or other person authorised in that behalf, or shall neglect to perform the reasonable and necessary work required from him, or shall be guilty of embezzlement or other criminal conduct, or shall for a period of six consecutive calendar months be disabled from work by sickness, or shall suffer from any disease or complaint that would render his continued employment dangerous to himself or his fellow employés, it shall be lawful for the Master to declare this Indenture to be void by notice in writing, signed by the Master, and left at the usual or last place of abode of the party of the second part, or if he be dead, or cannot be found, by exhibiting the said notice publicly in the Office of the Cashier, and also in front of the Muster Offices of the said Yard, and thereupon this Indenture shall be void accordingly.

In witness whereof the parties to these Presents have hereunto subscribed their names and affixed their seals the day and year first above written.