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The celebration of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee is very much in people's minds. Away in Worcester, the forty year old Edward Elgar is writing the "Imperial March" for her. The Queen had been crowned in Westminster Abbey on 28 June 1837, a month after her eighteenth birthday.

The Board of Guardians of the Union Workhouse had received an order from the Local Government Board to give additional relief to persons in receipt of Outdoor Relief for the week including 22 June.

The Rev. Lloyd Bailey Birkett, on behalf of the Westbourne committee making arrangements for the Festivities, asked the Guardians to grant permission for the Inmates to join the Festivities. The Guardians did so. They also said that Gape of Chilgrove must be informed that he must contribute to the support of his mother who is on relief.

The Guardians also resolved that the Workhouse Diet be altered with the sanction of the L.G. Board - at the suggestion of the Medical Officer - that treacle or other similar matter be had with the pudding and rice in place of pudding at times.

The Westbourne Jubilee Festivities Committee were planning that on 22 June there would be tea to all children attending the Schools, to those who have left school and are under the age of fourteen, to all widows, inmates of the Union and all residents of the parish over sixty.

A memorial of the day to be given to all children. Fireworks and a Bonfire. A cricket match under the auspices of Mr Powell. Races - eighteen events including three bicycle races. It is hoped that funds will allow to every man in the parish an ounce of tobacco and to every woman a small brooch.

There is still to be seen on the end wall of Fairfield Terrace, Havant, a magnificent painted, terracotta plaque which commemorates Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. It is thought to be one of two left in this country.


At Balmoral
Balmoral 53 Westbourne 44

At Funtington
Funtington 50 Westbourne 103
At Goodwood
Westbourne 26 Goodwood 45

Source: Ian Watson - Westbourne Local History Group

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