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A village history in West Sussex


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 1793 Baptism Edmund Catchlove

      Westbourne son of Edmund & Ann Spriggs

1841 Census Monk's Farm, Westbourne:  

      Ann Catchlove aged 66 and Edmund Catchlove

     aged 40 wheelwright. Son Edmund was also living with      James, the farmer, and Martha Roper.

1841 Marriage banns for Edmund Catchlove and Mary      Perham were published between 20th June and 4th July

1841 Marriage 5th July St Peter the Great, Chichester

     Edmund Catchlove, wheelwright, from Broyle &

       Mary Perham from Broyle.

1851 Census Pyle Napp, Blendworth, Hants

     Edmund Catchlove, Dairyman, & wife Mary.

1861 Census Havant, Hants:  

     EdmundCatchlove, wheelwright,  & wife Mary.

1863 Death BMD  Index:  

      Havant Mary Catchlove

1864  Death BMD Index:

      Westbourne Edmund Catchlove


1803 Baptism  4th December William Catchlove

     Westbourne son of Edmund &  Ann Spriggs

1841 Census Westbourne:

     William Catchlove, Chairmaker, wife Ann and children

      Edmund, Ann, Mary, Kate, William & Emma

1844  Westbourne Workhouse Accounts paid Mr Catchlove

      mending a rush bottom chair 1 shilling

1851 Census Westbourne William Catchlove, chairmaker, wife

      Ann and children Edmund, Ann, William, Emma & Louisa

1851 Post Office Directory of Sussex

      Chair & Sofa Makers: Catchlove W. Westbourne, Emsworth

1857 Death 23rd April William age 53 died of consumption

     Informant son William Catchlove present at death

 1861 Census 1 North Street Westbourne: widow Ann, lodging      house keeper, living with son William, shipwright, and      daughter Louisa, milliner

1871 Census Sowers Street, Portsea: widow Ann working as a      nurse  living with daughter Louisa

1881 Census 7 Radnor Street, Portsea: widow Ann, lodging-      house keeper living with daughter Louisa

1901 Death 8th January Ann age 93 died of senile decay      Informant was daughter Louisa present at death


As of 7 June 1841, William lived in a messuage, tenement, dwelling house and appurtenances that were sold on 20th May 1852 at the White Horse public house.

Messuage: A dwelling house with its adjacent buildings and the lands appropriated to the use of the household.

Tenement: A substandard multi-family dwelling in the urban core, usually old and occupied by the poor.

Appurtenance: Being less significant than what it belongs to.

1769 Baptism Edmund Catchlove

     Westbourne son of  Matthew & Ann Simms

1787 Duties paid for Apprentices’ indentures to Jas. Sanders      of  Westbourne, chairmaker

1792 Marriage to Ann Spriggs at Westbourne

1836 Burial Westbourne Edmund Catchlove  age  67

1841 Census Monks Farm Westbourne  Ann age 66  and son Edmund

1847  Burial Westbourne Ann Catchlove age 71


An Edmund Catchlove was sentenced to 7 years at Winchester on 8 March 1808 and transported to Australia in 1810 aboard the Ann2. According to a report in the 14 Mar 1808 edition of the Hampshire Chronicle he was originally sentenced to death for the crime of blackmailing Thomas Fleet and obtaining £10 by threatening to accuse him of an unnatural crime with a mare in Chalton. He was probably the Edmund Catchlove of Westbourne who voted for Cavendish in the election for MPs on 13th March 1820 in the Chichester Rape, the traditional sub-divisions unique to the historic county of Sussex,

1829 Baptism Edmund Catchlove

     Westbourne, son of William Catchlove, turner & wife Ann.
1851 Census Westbourne:

     Edward Catchlove, chairmaker, living with parents.
1861 Census Priory Street, St Peter the Less, Chichester:

     Edmund is living in lodgings and has no occupation listed.
1866 Marriage 18th June Westbourne:

     Edmund Catchlove, turner, son of William Catchlove,      chair-maker to Caroline Dridge, daughter of William      Dridge, farmer.
1871 Census Westbourne: Edmund Catchlove, dairyman      occupying 22 acres - wife Caroline.
1889 Burial of Caroline Catchlove aged 68.
1891 Census Common Road, Westbourne:

     Edmund Catchlove, chairmaker, living alone.
1907 Death 22nd January Edmund Catchlove, former chair      maker, of Portsmouth Workhouse died of senile decay.      Informant was Louisa Birdman, niece.

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