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A village history in West Sussex


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Westbourne, in Domesday “Borne” is a village and large parish which gives its name to a hundred and union, about 1 mile north from Emsworth station on the West Coast branch of the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway, and 7 miles west from Chichester, its western limit being a small stream or bourne, called the Ems, separating it from Hampshire; it is in the south-western division of the county, Chichester rape, petty sessional division and county court district, rural deanery of Boxgrove (second division) and arcdeaconry and diocese of Chichester. The church of St John the Baptist is an ancient edifice, chiefly of Perpendicular date, and has a tower with spire containing a clock and 6 bells; the east window and others are stained; and there are also numerous monuments dating from the 17th century; the church was restored in 1863, at a cost of £2,000, and again in 1890 at a further cost of about £500; the northern approach to the church is through a fine avenue of yew trees, planted between 1544 and 1548 by Henry (Fitzalan), 18th Earl of Arundel K.G.; there are 500 sittings. The registers commence 1550 and are perfect to the present time. The living formerly a sinecure rectory and vicarage, is now a rectory and vicarage in medieties, net yearly value £270, with 2 houses and glebe (£16), in the gift of the Rev. J. H. Mee M.A., Mus.Doc and held since 1884 by the Rev. Lloyd Batley Birkett M.A. of Trinity College, Oxford, and chaplain to the Westbourne Union; the tithes are divided between the incumbent and the Dean and Chapter of Chichester. There is a cemetery of 2 ½ acres north-east of the village, formed in 1860, and having a small chapel; it is under the control of the parish council. A charity of about £50 yearly, the gift of Henry Smith of Wandsworth, alderman of London, who died 30th January 1628, is for bread, clothing and general aid to the poor. Adsdean is the residence of A. H. Tennent esq. and The Chantry of the Rev. J. H. Mee M.A., Mus.Doc. The principal landowners are the Earl of Dartmouth P.C. George Wilder esq. of Stansted, who is lord of the manor, Lord Leconfield, the Rev. John Henry Mee M.A., Mus.Doc. Mr Albert G. Hipkin and Archibald H. Tennent esq. The soil is rich loam; subsoil gravel. The chief crops are wheat, barley & oats. The area is 4,444 acres of land, 59 of water, 58 of tidal water and 422 of foreshore; rateable value, £12,270; the population in 1901 was 2,269 of the civil parish, including 8 officers and 64 inmates in the workhouse, and of the ecclesiastical parish 1,257.

Aldsworth, 1 mile north and Woodmancote, 1 mile north-east, are tithings belonging to this parish; Adsdean; Lumley, ½ mile south; Sindells and Priors Lease, 1 ½ miles east, are other hamlets.

Nutbourne, Hermitage, Prinstead and Gosden Green are included with Southbourne ecclesiastical parish.

Parish Clerk, Algernon B. Coxhead

Deputy Clerk and Sexton, John Sims

Post, M. O. & T. Office – Ernest J. Tree, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Emsworth at 6.15am & 1.15pm & 6.15pm; dispatched at 9 & 11.30am & 7.30pm

Wall Letter Boxes – Aldsworth, cleared at 11am & 7.15pm; Sundays at 11.45am;
Breach cleared at 8.50am & 2.50 & 7.25pm; Sundays 11.25am; Commonside, cleared at 11.10am & 7.20pm; Sundays, 11.50am;
West Ashling Road cleared at 8.30am & 2.40pm; Sundays 8.45am; Woodmancote, cleared at 7.30am & 7.15pm; Sundays 7.30am

Westbourne Rural District Council

Council meets at the workhouse every alternate Friday at 11am
Chairman, Francis Herbert Padwick M.A. West Thorney, Emsworth
Vice-Chairman, John Wyman Teed Heaver, Ratham House, West Ashling, Chichester
Clerk, James William Loader Cooper, Queen Street, Emsworth
Treasurer, Ernest Pitfield Hallet, Capital & Conties Bank, Emsworth
Medical Officer of Health, Surveyor of Roads & Inspector of Nuisances, Henry Norris, West Ashling

Westbourne Union

Board day, every alternate Thursday, at 11am at the workhouse

The union comprises the following parishes; Bosham, Chidham, Compton, Dean (West), Funtington, Marden (East), Marden (North), Racton, Stoughton, Thorney (West), Up Marden & Westbourne. The population of the union in 1901 was 6,815; area 32,026 acres; assessable value, Lady Day, 1908, £41,569

Chairman of the Board of Guardians, Francis Herbert Padwick esq. M.A. West Thorney, Emsworth
Vice-chairman, John woman Teed Heaver, Ratham house, West Ashling, Chichester
Clerk to the Guardians & Assessment Committee, James William Loader Cooper, Queen Street, Emsworth
Treasurer, Ernest Pitfield Hallett, Capital & Counties Bank, Emsworth
Collector to Guardians, Alfred Rawlins, Westbourne
Relieving Officer for the Union, Alfred Rawlins, Westbourne
Vaccination Officer, John Carpenter Sherman, Emsworth
Medical Officer & Public Vaccinators, No.1 district, Lockhart Edward Walker Stepehns M.R.C.S.Eng. Emsworth; No.2 district, Francis Evered L.R.C.P. & S.Edin. Holmside, Emsworth; No.3 district, George Campbell Garrett M.D., Ch.B.Camb, Summersdale, Chichester

The workhouse a collection of plain brick buildings will hold 220 inmates; Rev. Lloyd Batley Birkett M.A. chaplain; Lockhart Edward Walter Stepehns M.R.S.C.Eng. medical officer; James Vince, master; Mrs Ada Bailey Vince, matron

Superintendent Registrar, James William Loader Cooper, Emsworth; deputy Herbert Blackmore, Queen Street, Emsworth

Registrar of Marriages, George Albert Brookfield, Queen Street, Emsworth; deputy, Alfred Blackmore, Emsworth

Registrar of Births & Deaths, Joseph Trudgett

Public Elementary Schools

The schools are controlled by 6 managers; J Loader Cooper, Queen Street, Emsworth, correspondent
Boys built in 1846, for 120 boys; average attendance 92; Frank Parsons, master
Girls & Infants, enlarged in 1885, for 160 children; average attendance, 135; Mrs. Kate Macdonald, mist

Carriers to Portsmouth Millington Brothers, daily, except wed

Private Residents
Ballard Capt. George A., R.N. Norman House
Birkett Rev. Lloyd Batley M.A Rectory
Bor Col. Edward J. (late R.E), Deepsorig
Coasby William
Cooper James William Loader, Drounces
Cuttle John
Davies Hugh, Breach
Douglas Mrs.
Eadon-Eadon Rev. John M.A. Millbrook House
Egan Oscar George, Rose Cottage
Evered Francis M.R.C.S., M.R.C.P.Edin Mount Pleasant
Foosey Mrs
Hipkin Albert George
Hipkin Mrs. John
Jacomb-Hood Rev. Francis Edward Shaw M.A. (curate)
Kerwood Harry, Cranmer Croft, Breach
Lane William George, Church House
Leicester Arthur Hamilton, White Lodge
Mee Rev. Edward Melford M.A., Milend House
Mee Rev. John Henry M.A., Mus.Doc. The Chantry
Poate William H., Hopecroft
Rawson Mrs., The Vicarage
Simpson Capt., R.N. Westbourne House
Skinner William, South View, Woodmancote
Stevens William Alfred, Rectory Lodge
Strang Miss, The Lawn
Strugnell Edward William, The Laurels
Tennent Archibald Hay, Adsdean Park (letters through Chichester)
Terry Mrs., Barberton
Tribe Frederick
Waters Mrs., Elmhurst
Whittington Jonathan, Breach
Williams Mrs. Elizabeth, Breach House

Abnett George, beer retailer
Barclay & Company Limited (sub-branch), open Tuesday & Saturdays 10 to 12am; draw on head office, 54 Lombard Street, London E.C
Bassett William, general dealer, Hambrook
Bowden Levi F., watercress grower, Hambrook
Burge Isaac, milk dealer
Byerley Frederick, miller (water)
Cemetery (Alfred Rawlins, clerk; John Simms, keeper)
Chamberlain John, market gardener, Woodmancote
Chamberlain Joseph, market gardener, Woodmancote
Chant John, carter
Churcher Edward, farmer
Churcher William, farmer
Collins Frank, cycle repairer
Coombes William, gardener to Rev. L. B. Birkett M.A.
Covington James, Cricketers Inn
Creese Ernest, beer retailer
Croft John Thomas, plumber
Crouch Mark, greengrocer
Dady George, shopkeeper
Dawkins Charles Edward, farmer, Sindles
Denman Kate J. E. (Miss), district nurse
Edgell Betsey (Mrs), cowkeeper
Edwards Westcott, tailor
Farrant Robert, farmer, Woodmancote
Goble William Henry, beer retailer, Woodmancote
Goddard Alfred 7 William, blacksmiths
Goddard Charles, beer retailer
Grounsell George Henry, saddler
Hair Charles, watercress grower, Hambrook
Hennings William, boot maker
Hipkin Albert George, farmer
Horrocks William, blacksmith
Irish Frederick, veterinary surgeon
Jarman James, wheelwright, Hambrook
Langley Hastings, farmer, Breach
Merrett John William, market gardener, Breach
Millington Brothers, cab proprietor
Moore Mary Ann (Miss), shopkeeper
Morgan Frank Henry, draper
Parsons Henry, bootmaker
Pawson William, Lamb P.H.
Pitney Ernest A., cab proprietor
Powell John, bootmaker
Pratt Henry, shopkeeper
Pugsley Arthur, hairdresser
Rawlins Alfred, collector of poor rates & relieving officer for the union & clerk to the parish council
Routledge Charles, photographer
Simons Arthur, grocer
Smith William Richard, builder
Smythe Samuel, farmer, Woodmancote
Staggall Samuel, coffee tavern
Stapley Robert, wheelwright
Stent George, builder
Stent Horace, shopkeeper
Suter William, cowkeeper, Hambrook
Taylor James, timber merchant
Terry James Alfred, miller (water), Lumley Mill
Tree Ernest Joshua, grocer, post office
Trim Arthur, butcher
Trudgett Joseph, registrar of births & deaths & shopkeeper
Wakeford Bros. market gardeners, Hambrook
Webb Frederick John, White Horse P.H.
Westbourne Institute (Rev. F. E. S. Jacob-Hood, hon. sec.)
Westbourne Miniture Rifle Club (Arthur Henry Goodall, hon. sec.)
Weston William jnr., farmer, Aldsworth
Wilks George, plumber
Woods Frank, farmer, Monks Farm
Woods George, timber merchant

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