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1810 -A Wrangler First Principal
1864 - Naval Architecture School
1887 - Expenditure Review Extracts
1901 - A Shipwright Old Boy
1916 - Admiralty Training
1943 - Centenary Prize Giving
1943 - Centenary
1948 - End of Term Service
1951 - Ship Fitter Apprentice
1951 - Unemployment
1952 - Colleges & Schools
1952 - Shipbuilding Trades
1953 - Apprentice Wastage
2009 - History Review
The Dockyard Light Horse
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Female Shipwright Mary Lacy
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Shipwrights Farewell 1956
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Articles of Apprenticeship - Signatories
Shipwrights Reunion 2009
Greetings from Nobby & Eileen Harrison
Invitation card designed by Dusty Miller
Menu and Toasts
A memento of autographs
Polished table manners
Group Photograph in HMS Nelson Wardroom
A report by The News, Portsmouth
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Scorpion Football Club
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A Team Photograph 1955
Top Shot Football Player
Range Of Dockyard Sports
Upper School 1954
Badges & Motto
Student Trades
Staff & Students Photo
A Holiday In Paris
Reunion Dinner 1985
Upper School Summer Dance 1955
Mike Thompson, Keith Hart, Alan Holding, Jack Bates, Geoff Walker
Tony Clark rehearses his lines with John Robbie on the piano
Ed Owen, Alan Haigh, Dave Byng, John Williams, Mike Ward, Ken Boxall, Ron Plested
Alan Haigh & Howard George in a relaxed mood
Peter Reed, Ken Boxall, Dick Branscombe, Den Maggs, Bob Hutchings, Charlie Marshall, Ken Ayres, Dave Gilbert, John Riley
Charlie Muscat has drunk the others under the table
Macolm Oliver confirms engagement to Jenny
Ken Wingate serenades his lady
John Morris sweeps his lady off her feet
Upper School Farewell Dinner 1955
Harrow School Song
Upper School Reunion Dinner 1985
Invitation & Guests
Upper School Reunion 2005
Group Photograph
Bob Dowdell, Charlie & Carole Marshall
Malcolm Oliver & John Riley
John Riley, Ken Boxall, Brian Scott, Tony Clark, David Byng, Peter Russell
John Hall, Patsy Thompson, Bob Dowdell, Diana Hall, Pat Ward, Mike Ward, Mary Dowdell
Pat Ward, Jenny Oliver, Mary Dowdell, Jenny Hutchings
Carol & John Williams with John Hall
Ken Ayres and Peter Russell
Bob Hutchings, John Hall, Keith Hart and Dick Branscombe
Mike Thompson and Malcolm Oliver
John Flower, Dave Byng, Brian Knight, Mike Ward and John Williams
Dennis Maggs, Dick Branscombe, Dorothy Maggs and Derek Harris
Carole Marshall & Charlie Muscatt
John Williams & Patsy Thompson
Derek Harris & Dennis Maggs
Ann and Brian Scott
Val Russell, Ken Wingate, Dick Branscombe and Pat Clark
Ron Plested, Pat Wingate and Peter Russell
Ken Ayres with Ann Scott
Mary Dowdell, John Hall and Liz Morris
Brian Scott, Maureen Ayres, Mike Ward, Mary Dowdell, John Hall and Liz Morris
Jenny and Bob Hutchings with the speech of Malcolm Oliver
Malcolm Oliver Speech
Until we meet again
Upper School Reunion 2010
The Lads
Grace by John Hall
Toast by Bob Dowdell
Address by Malcolm Oliver
Slide Show of Lads & Lassies
Peter Russell & Jenny Oliver
Malcolm Oliver & John Flower
John & Solveig Flower
Val & Peter Russell
Margaret Hart, John Williams & Bob Hutchings
Dennis Maggs, Margaret Hart & John Williams
Bob Hutchings, Dorothy & Dennis Maggs
Jenny Hutchings, Carol Williams, Keith Hart, Dorothy Maggs, Bob Hutchings, Dennis Maggs, Margaret Hart & John Williams
Ken Ayres & Charlie Muscat
Ken Wingate, Trixie Byng, Ken Ayres & Charlie Muscat
John Riley, David Byng, Pat Wingate, Ron Plested, Ken Wingate, Ken Ayres & Charlie Muscat
David Byng & Pat Wingate
John Riley & Maureen Ayres
Dave Gilbert, Diana Hall, Bob Dowdell, Richard Branscombe, Ken Boxall, Mary Dowdell, John Hall & Jennifer Gilbert
John Riley, Maureen Ayres & David Byng
Pat Wingate & Ron Plested
Diana Hall & Bob Dowdell
Ken Boxall & Mary Dowdell
Keith Hart, Bob Hutchings, Bob Dowdell & John Hall
Portsmouth News Report
Nelson's Last Walk
Shipwrights Reunion 2011
Bob Dowdell, Peter Ellerton, Doug Proud, Dusty Miller, John Hall, Keith Hart & Ramon Barron
Hilary Miller, Diana Hall, Mary Dowdell, Janet Proud, Janet Barron, Marian Ellerton & Margaret Hart
Marian & Peter Ellerton
Ramon & Janet Barron
Doug Proud & Margaret Hart
Janet Proud & Janet Barron
Dusty Miller & Mary Dowdell
Bob Dowdell, Diana Hall & Marian Ellerton
Sylvia & Allan Britton
Nobby & Eileen Harrison
Upper School Reunion 2015
Toast by John Williams
Address by Malcolm Oliver
Slide Show